Italian Foods that are surprisingly good for your Teeth

The emphasis people place on their physical appearance has never been higher. That includes working out, eating healthy and taking care of their overall outward look. In addition, folks are also doing all they can to make sure their smiles and teeth look great. This has played a huge role in how conscious individuals are about the toothpaste they use. Not only that, but how often they go to the dentist and the type of oral hygiene they practice. Based on that, people all over the country are constantly searching for a good tooth doctor. Luckily, today it is easier than ever for anyone to find a dentist in San Francisco, or any other state.

Another way to maintain your smile and teeth looking their best, is by focusing on what you eat. For example, there are a lot of foods out there that can be harmful to your teeth. On the other hand, you also have various Italian and other foods you can eat that are surprisingly good for your teeth.

Cheese – While this may not necessarily be an Italian food, it is something found on most Italian dishes. According to research, cheese helps neutralize harmful elements that cling to your teeth. That includes plaque acid. Plus, acid levels inside the mouths of those that eat cheese are lower which is good for your teeth. 

Chicken Drumsticks – Many believe that chicken is one of the best meats humanity has to offer. That may be true for not only health properties, but your oral wellness. Chicken wings, drums and thighs have tons of collagen. Not only is collagen crucial for your body’s health, but also your gums.

Garlic – Sure, garlic is not a food that is Italian alone since every person in the world uses it. But it is very unlikely to find an Italian dish that is not full of garlic. That is a good thing since garlic contains a compound called allicin. By being full of allicin, any bacteria that can damage your oral wellness is hindered. Plus, garlic kills other bacteria in your mouth because it is an antibiotic that’s natural. 

Liver – It is too bad that liver sometimes gets a bad rap which leads to many not eating it. Yet when it comes to nutrient density, liver has one of the highest. There are several Italian liver style dishes to enjoy. Any of them will provide you with tons of vitamins which liver contains. That includes vitamin K2, vitamin K1, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D. All of these are helpful for maintaining your oral health.

Salmon – Italian baked salmon dishes are quite common for several reasons. These dishes don’t just taste delicious, they are also excellent for your health. Eating salmon is great for your physical and oral health. Salmon is packed with vitamin D which your body needs in order to help it properly absorb calcium.

Other Foods To Consider

If you like making Italian meals, then you should also consider using onions, carrots, celery, almonds, asparagus, spinach, avocados, parsley and butter. All of them are packed with properties that can positively impact your oral health.